The true healing

These days it seems as if every other person is suffering from some serious problem. And it is considered to be pretty normal if in a room full of people, there are hardly a few who are not putting up with at least one chronic disease or the other. What I find rather strange is that even though we are Muslims and according to our belief everything good or bad comes from Allah… yet we are stuck in only the physical reasons and solutions. The few among us who do turn to Allah for the cure do so as a last resort after all the physical methods fail to provide any significant relief.

In the Quran Allah says: surely we are going to let them have a taste of a near and minor torment (which is in this duniya); besides The “bigger” torture (of the Akhirah) so that they might turn back.

So it is very clear that whatever harm comes in our life is due to our own sins and it is a blessing of Allah that he gives us a minor torture as a warning so that we can turn back to the true way of life… a life of submission and obedience to Allah.

But if we fail to take this warning seriously and all our focus remains on how we can come out of it and we don’t repent for our sins and we don’t make any amends then the problem might be solved apparently but the real problem will get bigger and bigger which is the accumulation of sins and the punishment of the hereafter. May Allah save us from that and make us of those who repent and are saved from the wrath of Allah… ameen


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