What did I achieve in Ramadan?

The day I heard that there was going to be a lecture on “how we spent Ramadan” I felt so eager to attend it but due to the condition of my son I could not go. What happened to my son is not the subject of my mail so I would not go into those details… but as I watched the rain pouring down I felt like it was reflecting the state of my heart…

This morning as I opened my laptop after a long long time, I habitually went to my favourite website farhathashmi.com and my happiness knew no bounds when I saw that this lecture had been uploaded. Immediately I sat down to listen to it.

And once again it proved true that the fruit of patience is very sweet. Because the way this lecture hit my heart today in the solitude of my room, might not have been the same if I had been able to go. 

From the very start I felt like I should have listened to it before Ramadan!! Because the questions brought up by the teacher made me realize that we as Muslims spend this month totally oblivious to its purpose. And even if someone like me is aware of the purpose we somehow don’t know how to achieve it. 


Because our focus is always on just “doing” something… sometimes to show off that we have “done” it. Sometimes just to feel good that we have achieved a target e.g. completion of the Quran. Or sometimes just to pacify our nagging conscience. But how many times do we think about the purpose of reading Quran. Or do we ever ask ourselves have we achieved that purpose for which we are reading it???

Out of all the things which were said during that time, I would like to share the few points which really stuck to my heart:

1- Before doing anything, we must ask ourselves: what do I want to achieve out of it?

2- During recitation of Quran or doing salah, ask yourself: where is my heart? (Is it wandering somewhere else or is it focused on what I am doing?)

3- After recitation of Quran and closing the book, ask yourself: what have I read? How am I going to act on it?

4- Most of us dream of going to Makkah to do Umrah in Ramadan and doing great acts of charity over there… which is a great thing to dream of…  but ask yourself: Am I spreading kindness and charity in my own circle? 

Ramadan was here to give us Taqwa… a higher consciousness of Allah which should make us careful and alert not to do anything against the pleasure of Allah… So the most important question to ask yourself is: – what bad habit have I stopped in this Ramadan? How has Ramadan changed me for the better?


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