Wake up call… from the night of power!

Isn’t it absolutely amazing that out of the same month of Ramadan, the same fasting, the same prayers, quran recitation, charity, sehr and aftar… activities and rituals… each and every muslim of this ummah experiences it in a different way. I think it is an amazing miracle of Allah that he created each one of us as a unique person… with our own personal level of intellect and our own experiences, which enables us to learn our own special lessons from this awesome month of blessings and to gain a unique insight which must be shared with others.

For myself the biggest lesson (which I learn every year and then forget it so that it always comes as a BIG surprise every time:) is that Ramadan is not just another month but it is also another world…

In this world… of the rest of the year… there is a constant enemy hovering around us but not so in Ramadan in which the biggest blessing from Allah is that he chains him and all his armies… so that they can no longer affect us.

Therefore whatever wrong we do in this month we can clearly see the level of corruption in our own “self” or nafs or whatever you might want to call it.

It’s like Ramadan is a world of a thousand mirrors surrounding me from all sides, in which I can see my good and bad points like never before.

And when I put a stop to all my desires of eating and drinking etc… my heart becomes a world of a thousand mirrors in which I can see Allah and his massive power and blessings in a million different angles like never before.

But even though every year I think like it is going to be an automatic shift from this world to the other world… I am shocked at how stubborn the “Nafs” has become that it simply wants to close its eyes and not see even a single mirror… WHY???

Because it doesn’t want to see its faults… WHY???

Because coming out of those faults needs a lot of hard work and it wants to remain lazy and comfortable… WHY???

Because it doesn’t realize the value of success in the hereafter… it sees only this world and doesn’t want to think beyond it…

But then look at Allah’s blessing that he starts this month with the ashra of mercy and moves on to the next one of forgiveness… leading us so softly and imperceptibly to the last ten days… which even my stubborn nafs cannot ignore…

And so it has to wake up and it has to open its eyes…

And this awakening needs to be announced so that someone else who might be asleep like me can come back to life…

Wake up and collect all that you can from the rain pouring down… the rain of mercy and forgiveness…

Wake up and see yourself… wake up and see Allah smiling at you… loving your small little efforts of pleasing him… wake up and see how close you are to attaining the success of both the worlds…

1400 yrs ago Allah changed the destiny of people who became the best of the best… through receiving the ultimate gift of guidance from Allah in the form of Quran and His Prophet (s.a.w)

And today so many centuries later, Allah is going to send the same night of power to us… the night of destiny… so that whosoever desires to have the best destiny can achieve it…

We keep on lamenting on how powerless we have become against the powers of disbelief in the world…

But then here is our chance of attaining that lost glory… so are we even aware of this huge blessing from Allah?

So will we spend these precious nights sleeping or gossiping or partying?

Or will we spend each one in front of Allah… standing in his worship… reading his glorious words from the glorious Quran… begging him to save us from the fire of trials in this world and the fire of his punishment in the next?

Wake up NOW… because tonight might be the night of power… the night of your destiny… our destiny…


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