The treasure and its key

Imagine that you have inherited a treasure of gold and silver and the most exquisite diamonds and rubies and sapphires and pearls etc. When you go to collect it you are told that it is all stored in a room so you try to open the door but it is locked and you don’t have the key…

So what will you do?

Find the key… OR give up the treasure?

Of course no one will be foolish enough to give up a treasure…

But look at us Muslims… we have a treasure but don’t even want to be reminded about it because we are too lazy to get the key!!

What is the treasure and where is the key?

Our books in Arabic are the treasure of knowledge and wisdom and the key to this treasure is to learn this beautiful language; BUT how many of us are willing to give it a try?

The most well guarded secret about learning Arabic is that it is the most enjoyable activity to learn it… because it is so easy and close to heart. As the words begin to take a shape and meaning… the excitement of understanding a whole sentence is like suddenly your heart is filled with the most amazing light… I just can’t describe the joy of it… it is only to be felt!!

The best way to learn Arabic is to go through an Arabic book with a teacher who can explain the language as well as the content… so that each one compliments the other. I have done a few lessons of such a book titled “Figh-ul-Qulub” (understanding of the hearts). It can be found on the following link:

Apart from this, there is a new series of lectures based on another book titled “kaifa tanju min makaid ashhaitan” (how can you save yourself from the plots of shaitan?). Yesterday I did a part of its first lesson and afterwards as I thought about it, I realized how deliberately we have preferred to remain ignorant about the reality of shaitan; even though it is one of the most important issue of our lives. Because in order to succeed you must identify your friends and enemies… Just as Allah is our best protecting friend and wants the best for us…. similarly the shaitan is our worst enemy who wants nothing but to destroy us…

So how can we afford to be unaware of his tricks and plots?

And if we are not even aware then how can we save ourselves?

So the only choice we have is to become aware and be saved… in-sha-Allah!!


3 thoughts on “The treasure and its key

  1. Wow mashALLAH great topic can’t wait to learn more. May ALLAH reward you for spreading the truth.
    P.s I really want to learn to read n speak arabic, to improve/increase on knowledge of Quran.

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