Am I what I think I am?

Have you ever wished that you could re-start your life and do everything that you should have done? For myself I admit that countless times when I see flaws in myself and my children, I have this strong desire to live my life again in which not to make the mistakes that I made due to ignorance… but then the ayah in Quran is a big eye opener in which Allah says that even if a person gets the chance to come back to this world and get another life… he would still do the same things that he did the first time. Why? Because we only do what we believe in doing… so unless we correct our beliefs about life and death… we cannot change the way we live.

Getting knowledge of the Quran and Hadith is one thing but it has an impact on you only to the extent of your sincerity to implement it. otherwise it just becomes a matter of intellectual or spiritual stimulation that you feel good to sit in an environment of learning or you love to listen to intelligent scholars giving talks about an ideal way of life… it sort of makes you day dream of becoming a perfect believer and living a life of obedience and having the best success of both worlds. But in reality if you are not even taking one single step towards self improvement… then this is a big self deception which leads you nowhere.

But the thing is why would anybody do so? Why would anyone go to class after class, do courses here and there and then not implement it? Surely you would say that it is crazy… and then the thing that really is super-crazy is that such a person thinks of himself or herself better than others… more knowledgeable, more religious, and more beloved to Allah…

May Allah make us see our true picture so that we can correct ourselves while we can… because the time for doing so is going by so fast… faster than we realize…


2 thoughts on “Am I what I think I am?

  1. aoa wr wb,
    A dear teacher of mine always says that its very important to learn Iman before attaining knowledge, because only knowledge (even the knowledge of Qur’an) does not go deeper than your skin if there’s no Iman within you. Hence , we see ppl who are alims at mind (lot of knowledge) but jahils at heart (no Iman)……but there are also some who are alims at heart (strong Iman) and jahils at mind (no knowledge).
    Secondly, our hearts are like rooms and the knowledge of Deen is like the air conditioner for that room. Now even if we have turned the AC on but have not closed the ‘windows’ (the distractions of sin), how can we ever benefit from the cool air?…it shall come from one direction and leave from the other….:(
    lots of love,
    Jazakillahu khairan for the thought provokation!!

  2. For Imaan also we need knowledge so they are both interlinked. We cannot have faith in Allah unless we have proper knowledge about Him. But our problem is that we think knowledge and learning are the same… infact knowledge is the result of acting on what we learn… and if we don’t act on what we learn (whether in doing good, or avoiding sins) then our hearts will remain deprived from true faith because we all we are giving it is just information… not real knoweledge.
    JazakAllah khairan for sharing your thoughts:)

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