The key to Wisdom in Fiqh-ul-qulub

Whenever I read or listen to talks about our Prophet, (S.A.W), it is always so amazing to observe His magnificent attitude and behaviour in the worst of circumstances… and I think to myself: what I would have done if faced with even half as much as He endured? Why can’t I be as patient, as forbearing, as loving, as kind, as polite, as gentle, as forgiving, as generous…??

Do I not believe in the goodness of these qualities?

Do I not want these qualities to be a part of my character?

Do I not want to please Allah?

Yes I believe… yes I want… BUT then what is lacking in me?

Ok now I understand…

The problem is that only KNOWING is not enough, unless you can be WISE enough to ACT on what you know at the right TIME.

So the question is how can we acquire this wisdom?

Let’s take a moment to read and absorb the following words from Fiqh-ul-Qulub:

Each and every shortcoming in our OUTWARD actions…

Is caused by in-sufficient “imaan” INSIDE the heart!!

That is why someone who does not submit his heart for Allah INSIDE the Salah…

Cannot attain the ability to submit his heart for Allah OUTSIDE the Salah

If we observe the life of the Prophet (S.A.W) we can see that He used to be in a constant state of remembrance of Allah. He was never ever forgetful about His Creator, His Master. In His prayers he had the utmost khushu (focus and humbleness) and in His worldly affairs he was always doing what pleased His Lord.

He ate only what was beneficial… never to the full

He slept only as much as was needed… never “over-slept”

He dressed simply… in clean and comfortable clothes… not for fashion

He had companions and he spent time with them but only in beneficial things… never to just “having a great time”

In his personal life he was not distracted by desires…

That is how He kept Allah as His most beloved… and never ignored him for anybody’s sake… i.e. utmost “Tawheed“… utmost love and devotion

Therefore it is the focus on Allah, while loving him and fearing him, which can give us the wisdom to act according to His pleasure.

And to have this wisdom we must release our hearts from the chains and shackles of desires… And let the heart be free to worship its Creator.

Allah has given us such a gift of salah in which we can cut off the whole world just to be with Him… so don’t just stand and sit and bow down with your body… but move the heart along with the words and actions… so that Allah, the Merciful, will fill it with Imaan and Wisdom…. and thus enable us to live with kindness and generosity, patience and forgiveness, and sweet and pure goodness…


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