waking up to reality through fiqh-ul-qulub

Life is constantly on the move… in every second countless new lives are being born and countless lives are being brought to the end… not just on the surface of the earth but also in the vastness of the heavens and in the depths of the oceans…

So whoever wants any progress in life, then there is no option but to move forward… because life is not stagnant… there has to be some movement in whatever direction we choose… its either forward or backward… its either life or death…

So if you are not going forward then you will definitely go backward… just like if you are not alive then surely you are dead!

But to go up… to climb a mountain… requires efforts… continuous, calculated, planned… efforts

Its Allah’s blessing on us that he has made our breathing effortless… the pumping of the heart, the circulation of blood, the digestion of food… all the systems for physical survival and growth are automatic.

But for the growth and development of our character we need to nourish our heart and soul with the right knowledge and its application. And this requires us to make the right efforts in the right direction…

And this is not where the story ends… Allah is pleased with us only when we want for others what we want for ourselves… and this means that we have to work on the development and progress of other people too. Not just helping them sustain their physical life but also in assisting them in their spiritual and intellectual development.

And if I say that I just can’t be bothered to make that effort… I am too busy… I am too weak… I am too inadequate… whatever the excuse may be… the result will be that I will have to go down, because no one can stay on the edge of the mountain…

So it’s either the pain of climbing against the gravity… or slide down… down to nothingness…


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