Know your heart to know its Pleasure

Have you ever been confused as to why there is so little happiness or real satisfaction in the world today when apparently we have so much more in terms of comforts and pleasures? The more progress there is the more cases of depression, anxiety, phobias and what and what not… all of which are the result of dissatisfaction and stress.

So if all of this variety of food and entertainment, glamour and luxuries, fun and freedom cannot give us happiness then what is wrong with us? Where will the heart find peace?

Because just as the tongue is satisfied by good taste and eyes are soothed by beautiful scenes, ears find joy in a melodious sound…

Similarly, there must be something which the heart yearns for… and it will not be happy until it gets it… what is it?

Here lies the answer in the beautiful words of Muhammad bin Ibrahim, in his book “Fiqh-ul-Qulub”…

In this world there is

no blessing…

which could be compared to the blessings of the hereafter

Except the blessing of faith in Allah

And the blessing of knowing his names

And His attributes

And His actions

And there is for the Heart no joy, neither any pleasure

so complete…

Except in the love of Allah and His Recognition

And in seeking His Closeness through the things which He loves and which make Him happy

And His complete love cannot be firmly rooted in the heart except by knowing Him

And by turning away from all the objects of love… other than Him


3 thoughts on “Know your heart to know its Pleasure

  1. Reblogged this on Unlimited Limitation and commented:
    The Truth Never Lies, if you want to get hidayah from Alloh, the only way is to get closer, not pretend to be quiet. InsyaAlloh barokah, Nice reblogged post, really inspiring. May Alloh bless us with His mercy, and you can get many moral value. Recommended to read. Jazakumullohu khoir. Amin

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