Follow up knowledge with action

Alhamdulillah today I was able to listen to a beautiful lecture…and it opened my heart to so many things that I could not get up without typing some of those gems of knowledge with the intention of making them firmly engraved in my heart… so that eventually I may act on what I learnt.

Since the basic theme of todays lecture was to follow up knowledge with actions… I thought that writing about it on the blog should be the first action that I can take… by the help and will of Allah:)

The best thing which I learnt today was that whatever I have acted upon from whatever I have learned so far is my only collection for the akhirah… and that too can benefit me only if I keep my intention pure for Allah and not to be proud of what I have done… because it will always be very little as compared to what Allah has given me in the form of blessings… both external and internal.

The second thing which I learned is that all of the “claims” that we make publicly or in hearts… should be checked how real they are:

For example…. I can very easily claim that I am not proud and feel very humble… but do I look down on those who are deprived from knowledge and action? Or do I feel concerned and sympathetic and want to help them?

I feel like Akhirah is my true goal in life… but do I get up happily for the fajar prayer knowing that the Prophet (s.a.w) loved these two rakahs more than the whole world and what it contains? 

I claim that duniya is just my need and worship of Allah is my OBJECTIVE… so how quickly do I finish my needs of the world like eating and sleeping, cooking and shopping and how nice and long is my prayer?

I claim that I want my reward ONLY from Allah… but how many times I am boasting about my “religious accomplishments”…. how many times I remind my family of my sacrifices and difficulties in working for them?

I say to myself that I fear Allah… but then do I really stop myself from bad comments about others… knowing that Allah has forbidden Gheebah?

I am often complaining that others are not paying attention to what I am saying… but how much attention do I give to adhaan or Quran… even while I am reciting it myself but my heart is not listening? I am doing zikr… praising Allah and yet my mind is often thinking of the worldly things and people etc. 

I feel so discouraged when my children are not grateful to me…. but am I grateful to my Rabb for giving me these wonderful children and their father? 

I say I am grateful for the blessings of Allah but when he puts a crown on my head… all I do is to complain that it hurts??? that its not the right size!!! doesn’t Allah know better what I need?

So what should be done if all the answers prove to be a shock for my self-complacent heart?

For one thing I should thank Allah for this strong dose of self realization

and secondly I should start working towards the completion of this knowledge in the form of actions… solid practical actions… and really develop the fear of Allah which is the only recipe for success against our nafs and shaitan…. inshaAllah


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