Are you happy?

A small incident which brought a lot of happiness to my heart along with a flow of imaan which seemed to wash all over my being…

I had gone to visit my relatives last weekend and although I find travelling a real strain on my nerves and body but just because I had to go anyway so I prayed to Allah to give me tawfeeq to do some good with this time which might become a cause to please HIM. Alhamdulillah my prayer was answered in the form of two very eager and willing listeners (my young cousin and his wife) who wanted to hear about Islam and how can we practise it in the current environment. I could see from their faces their willingness to submit surrounded by the clouds of doubts and the inevitable fear of losing on the duniya. So although my head was throbbing with the migraine which I had developed during the 5 hr drive… I talked to them and tried to make them see the reality out of the whole confusion and lies spread around the so called elite world… I handed them the CDs and books which I had taken along “just in case…” and really felt great that they had taken the message of Allah so well:) But it was the totally unforeseen incident which happened on the third day which has made me write this post. 

It was the day I was to come back so I was busy getting ready and my heart began to feel the dread for travelling “again”…. well I thought at least Allah will be happy because my cousin had actually started listening to the CD of basic explanation of the Quran and gave me very positive feedback too… Alhamdulillah. With these thoughts I went about my packing and then went into the kitchen to fill my water bottle… the back door opened and a girl of about 16 or 17 stepped in. I guessed her to be the relative of the maid who was doing the cleaning of the lounge at that time… so when she said salaam… I answered the greeting and asked “are you related to Perveen (the maid)?” She said “no”… so I asked “do you work separately?” she said yes she did the laundry… and with a slight pause she added “Baji main musalman hun”… (I am a Muslim)

There was definitely something different in her tone which immediately made me look up at her… and I was totally struck by the light of her eyes and the happiness radiating her face… 

So I asked her “are you so happy that you are a Muslim?” 

She said “mujhay fakhar hai… keh main musalman hun… apnay Nabi ko manti hun… namaz parhti hun… Quran bhi parhna ata hai…” 

And then she said “Baji mujhay parhnay ka itna shauk hai…”

I just can’t express how happy I was to see this brilliant young girl… so excited to have faith and so eager to learn more… 

So I went up to her, shook her hand and said “aap ko mubarak ho keh aap musalman hain”

At that moment I felt like for the first time someone had made me feel HAPPY in being what I am… a believer of Allah and His Rasool (s.a.w)

And then I realized that it was this happiness which we lack and which makes all our Ibaadah a duty and a weight of responsibility… which should have been the delight of our hearts and the life of our soul…

As my heart seemed to overflow with love… I felt the true sweetness of Imaan which I always yearn for. 

May Allah protect all these innocent souls who continue to dwell in this contaminated and polluted environment and by the will of Allah they remain untouched… pure… 



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