Coming alive by remembering death

Many times in my life I have been defeated by my weakness of fearing the situations of duniya and thus making wrong decisions… and one tool of the shaitan is that he makes it look right to me at that time… and my nafs is so ready to believe it because it suits its desire of maintaining peace and security.

And then even greater sin is to keep procrastinating things in the false assurance of doing it “SO NICELY” at a more appropriate time which never seems to come… and then to keep us unaware of our zulm, the shaitan will keep on giving waswasas about people and their mistakes… their injustices and the supposed “zulm” which they are inflicting on us… so much so that there is hardly a moment where our minds and hearts may find any time for any self-doubt where we might see the reality of our own lack of faith and focus.

When we talk of the illusions of this world we just restrict our thoughts to the worldly temptations mostly material in nature. But before today this thought never hit me that maybe a worse kind of illusion is to think of myself as being so very true to Allah and His religion… although the reality is that I am often giving priority to my own self… my convenience… my home… my family… SO what about MY Allah and MY religion???? Is it only a part time thing?

Today I recognized that the only way to come out of illusions and to face the truth is to see things in the perspective of the ONE big event which we conveniently shove at the back of our minds… and that is death…

Our beloved Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) said that the wisest/most intelligent among people is the one who remembers his death the most.

Obviously the one who keeps in his mind the ultimate “dead-line” would work with utmost focus and excellence to complete his targets in time and this will result in his ultimate success.

Although death is something which is supposed to finish us but today I learned that its remembrance is the best medicine to save us in the real sense of the word…

Actually today I listened to a lecture in which a scholar shared a very useful tip to stop wasting time and that is to write down a specific date and suppose that you will not live beyond that day. Like you make a “dead-line”. Then write down all the goals and targets of your life which you would like to achieve or which you think are most important for your duniya and hereafter. If we actually do this small exercise which might not take more than a few minutes, it will change our way of thinking and living.

Who can even think of wasting precious time and precious opportunities of doing something good, when he knows that death is coming closer and closer with each passing moment? In fact every moment that goes by is dead… something that will never ever come back. And we never know which moment will be our last and final moment of life…

It also reminded me of the advice of Ibn-e-Umar (RA) when he said that do not wait for the evening during the day and when evening falls do not wait for the morning… that is also the same thing to my mind where you would be making the end of the day as your deadline and not delay your important jobs for the evening and so on…

So I thought that maybe this activity will give me the push I need to really focus on my life and time and put it to the best of use without crying on petty issues and making excuses. I hope that the constant reminder of death might eventually release my heart from the fear of people and possible situations… and I might experience the freedom of having only one fear in my heart… the fear of Allah…

May Allah help us all to achieve this goal… BEFORE the ultimate dead-line… ameen.


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