Does Allah love me?

These days my favourite quote is a saying of Hammad Bin Musilm:
“When Allah loves a slave then his worries are mostly about his lack of fulfilling Allah’s rights
and when Allah is angry with a person then his worries are mostly about the things (of the world) which he has been given.”
I love this so much because it gives us an important clue to our status with Allah. A believer is always concerned with whether Allah is happy with him or not… so all he has to do is to evaluate his thoughts and see what is his chief concern ?
Is he most of the time worried about fulfilling the rights of Allah and making plans and putting his best effort in doing so?
OR is he just worried about collecting the benefits of this world… happy if he gets them and depressed if he loses anything?
Our value with Allah depends on how we think… why? because our actions are a direct consequence of our thoughts. So if we want Allah to love us then we must re-direct our thoughts away from selfish concerns and focus on the real issue of our life which is to fulfill Allah’s rights and the more we try to make Allah happy the more he will love us and fill our hearts with happiness, peace and contentment… inshaAllah



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