The pain of separation

I was just seeing off my daughter after her month long vacation… and the pain of separation hit me so deep in the heart that I could hardly contain my tears… outwardly I HAD TO appear so calm and composed (for her sake) but my heart emitted a sharp cry of pain… and as I whispered to Allah for help and felt his mercy like a soft healing touch… I was reminded about the soul leaving the body and I thought what would be that pain???

But I am once again so amazed that even being muslims and having faith in the hearafter and the whole collection of Quranic verses as well as the Hadith of the Prophet (s.a.w) about the clear warnings of that time…. why don’t we give it any thought?

Why do we always worry about the pains of this world and have no concern about the pains of death and the grave and the day of recompense and facing the accountability?

And if we don’t have any concern for any of that, then HOW and WHEN will we take measures of protection against those trials?

This whole experience was also a reminder from Allah that everyone is going to leave sooner or later and the only one who remains forever and ever is Allah subhanahu wa taala…

but what a foolish nafs we have who wants to cling to people and neglects Allah in the process of making people happy… not realizing that they are only with us due to their own needs and will leave us whenever they want or whenever some other needs take them away…

So why not have the same clinging passion for Allah who doesn’t have any need for us and so his love and mercy are complete and perfect and not polluted with any other motive!!……

But then why do we creep away from this reality again and again… why do we let ourselves be driven by illusions??


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