Strength of character

One of the most common sentences we speak and hear begins with “I wish” and somewhere along the line there is inevitably a “but”…

Like for instance, “I wish” I could shed off 10 kg… “But” I suffer from chronic pains and weakness so it is next to impossible for me to even think of exercise.

“I wish” I could pursue higher education “but” I simply don’t have time to go through all the hassle.

“I wish” I could do some voluntary work “but” my family doesn’t approve of it so I cannot obviously go against their wishes.

We all have a few lines like this going round in our mind or even spoken aloud to others… to prove that we really want to improve “but”…

We would all like to overcome the barriers and open the doors towards a better life “but” we have to stop waiting for miracles! Allah made this world a test and he gave us countless resources to work hard and attain success in both this world and the hereafter. But in order to overcome the difficulties of this life, we need to have a strong determination and patience. And you can only achieve this strength by overcoming the obstacles of your own self… and these are the desires… of comfort and pleasure and to have luxuries and freedom from all worries and responsibilities.

But we have to understand that real freedom is not the freedom OF the self… but it is to be free FROM the self

In other words you have to learn to control your desires instead of YOU being controlled BY your desires. So if you can overcome your inner weaknesses then you can overcome the outer barriers too… by the will of Allah… Subhanahu wa ta’ala


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