One Minute Please!

Memorising surahs of the Quran has been one of the most satisfying thing I have ever done. Nothing soothes the heart and soul like the repetition of the beautiful words of Allah and to feel them being engraved into the heart… is almost like hanging a beautiful tapestry on the wall over which you have worked hard… and the satisfaction, happiness and sense of achievement whenever you look at it lovingly from time to time. But the difference is that a tapestry hanging on the wall will stay there whether you look at it or not… it is not alive so it doesn’t matter to it whether you forget it or stop thinking about it…

But not so with the words of Quran which are so alive… they fade away as soon as you stop caring… and even if you skip one day due to some “excuse” and then return to it the next day… the same words feel like strangers and it is with great difficulty that you can re-establish them in the heart.

But even though I understand this fact so well, still it happens that due to travelling or some other disturbance in life I fail to be regular in my endeavours… and sometimes the days turn into weeks and weeks into months and I simply don’t “find time” (meaning taufeeq) to get back to the activity which I love so much. And then the biggest drawback… which literally draws me back… is that I have to re-learn all the forgotten chunks and in such a state that my heart is heavy with guilt and regret and so it is not even half as receptive as the first time…

As a result I really don’t succeed in going so much ahead as I keep falling behind and then take so much time getting back in line. Anyway this time I have made an oath to myself that I will not give up the time for Hifz… even if it is one minute! Now who can say that I don’t even have one minute? So even if I am too distracted to read/memorize or even revise… then I will just open my current surah and look at the verses which I have done ONLY for one minute… so that I can return to it the next day without the guilt of having ignored my beloved Quran… the great book which connects me directly to AllahJ


One thought on “One Minute Please!

  1. assalamualaikum well this is a very good therapy also for us all.its such a useful tip for not forgetting and keep a bond with ayats of quran.Its really a tragedy for all of us that we forgot it in day-to-day lives and its changing active condition.We should stay connected to Quran at all times because it is the only solution.jazakillah khair

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