The Horse in the Oasis

While I was doing some research on the importance of practice, I came across this interesting little story which contains an important lesson for all those who want to lead beneficial and productive lives…

On a warm summer’s day, a traveller was riding through the desert. Both he and his horse were tired and thirsty and so he was very happy to notice an oasis in the distance. To a desert traveller, an oasis means life! On approaching, the traveller noticed it was actually a small farm and there was a farmer drawing water from a deep, subterranean well. At the touch of the farmer’s hand fresh, cool water flushed into the drinking trough via a motorised pump. The traveller requested the farmer to fill the trough, that he and his horse may quench their thirst. The farmer readily fulfilled the request and set the pump into action. Fresh water flooded into the trough but at the sound of the pump the traveller’s horse winced and jumped away. In vain did the traveller try to calm and reassure his horse, but every time the motorised pump rumbled into action, the horse whinnied and backed off without drinking a drop. The fear of the noise was stronger than its thirst. The traveller was exasperated – how should he water his horse if it was fearful of the noise of the water pump? The farmer commiserated with the traveller and told him, “My friend, teach your horse to drink regardless of the noise, else let it walk away thirsty.”
The traveller symbolises our destiny which leads us to beneficial things. The horse symbolises our “self” and the oasis water represents all the benefits of good deeds.  The noise of the pump is life’s problems and obstacles – and that noise will never cease.  Whatever the noise, whatever the problem, whenever something comes between you and your good plans or aims, remind yourself “it’s just the noise of the pump”.  Learn to develop your practise along with the noise of life, or you will remain thirsty for all the benefits that this practice can bring you.

Practise a little each day with trust and love of Allah:)



2 thoughts on “The Horse in the Oasis

  1. The Horse in the oasis is such a beautiful piece of writing…now when i have almost mastered the skill of taking the challeges, it, mesmerizes me.. keep up the good work!!!

    • Assalamualaikum sister… thanks for writing and sharing your feelings. It has made me even more firm in my conviction that life is a test and in order to get the benefits we have to put up with the troubles too… no pain no gain:) Pure pleasures are in Paradise and for that we need to please Allah even if it means going against the pleasure of our own self. May Allah help us to overcome our inner obstacles so that we can tackle the things outside of ourselves too… ameen

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