Thought of the day

Just this morning I was thinking that although I have complete belief in the power and will of Allah but in day to day life I often slip back to my old way of thinking, without any conscious intention of doing so… when I view a problem and I think that I have to solve it “myself”… Quite naturally this way of thinking makes me so much tense and so my efforts are also full of nervousness and I tend to forget so many things due to the pressure of making everything come out right… consequently many times I end up as a failure despite my good intentions and sincere efforts…

And so I concluded that the basic concept or belief which is like the foundation on which the whole project would stand… this should be correct. 

So before stepping out on any journey or doing any project, I should keep in mind that the only reason I am using my intellect in working out the solution to any problem is because it is an obligation upon me… I am making all my efforts because I want to please Allah by using the resources which he bestowed on me…

I am working towards the betterment of things because I want to express my gratitude to him…Otherwise I should be convinced that the good results will come only by the order of Allah and not due to my efforts. Only this thought can keep me in balance and peaceful and productive. And will give me the required level of humbleness and helplessness to keep me connected to Allah at all times. 


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