Think big

These days I am reading a very interesting book and one of the paragraphs touched me so much that immediately I picked up the nearest pen and paper, and scribbled down the points to put up on my dressing mirror so that I can enjoy it again and again!!

Before I go on to share this masterpiece… I must say that although reading something does have an impact on you but writing it on a diary or making a poster… really gets into your blood and you can feel the effect even physically. So make a habit of writing and let’s not be lazy about it because otherwise most of the things we learn are just forgotten and vanish into the air as if they never touched us at all. And apart from knowledge and its preservation… writing lifts your mood and connects you to your heart and consequently the gates of your hidden ideas are opened…

So here is the treasure that I saved from “how to win friends and influence people” by Dale Carnegie:

Always keep in your mind the image of that capable, sincere and beneficial person which you want to become.

This thought will gradually lead you towards developing your personality the way you visualize.

Everything begins from a “thought”.

So focus on developing positive thoughts and a pleasant attitude.

Every achievement comes with true desire and every true dua comes true.

We become like the one whom we idealize.


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