The little step

Happiness or satisfaction is a dream which comes true only when you are in direct contact with Allah. But there are times when you want to do so many things through which you want Allah to be pleased with you but fail to do so due to physical or/and emotional weakness. Sometimes other people’s behaviour depresses you so much that you feel like there is no initiative left in you anymore… If you analyse deeply, you might find that the problem is not so much with other people, but in fact you yourself are not dealing with them in a positive manner. This discovery is of course not very pleasant and so you get another reason for anger and resentment…!! why am I like this and so on… So what is the solution? You know you have a treasure of faith and good ideas but how to re-awaken the passion to fulfil your dreams? What will motivate you?

Time and again I have found that the cure is in “doing” something. Even if it is a little bit… but just do it and you will definitely feel a “warmth” in your heart due to gratitude… you will be so thankful to Allah that he enabled you to take one step towards the right direction. And by expressing your thanks, Allah will increase the good feeling…

Because he has promised in His book… “if you are grateful, I will surely increase for you (your blessings) ”

Allah is always there… watching us… taking care of us…

But we need to take some positive action to make this feeling come alive in our heart. And when inshaAllah you are able to feel it then preserve it and increase it by constantly getting involved in beneficial activities, one after the other… keeping in mind that Allah’s pleasure is more important than all other things.

As our Prophet (s.a.w) told us: “The best of deeds in front of Allah are those which are consistent even if very little”

May Allah help us to take that “little” step while we still have time… ameen


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