The trap of desires

I am most astonished to realize that almost everything that I do is for fulfilling some desire. Desire is the motivation behind all that I do. Even the unpleasant things that I endure are basically endured so that I can fulfil some desire through it. Otherwise if the hope of achievement of desire is not there then the difficulty becomes unbearable. That is why slavery of people is so horrible because you know that you are just being used to fulfil the desire of others and you have no choice to do what you want.

Learning the Quran was such a satisfying experience for me because I thought that I was doing something which Allah loves but if that is true then why am I not so thrilled when it’s time to pray? Obviously I have some delight in learning Quran which I don’t find in namaz… and if that delight was Allah’s pleasure then it would have made me love both the activities equally…

And when I write for blog… I do it for Allah’s pleasure only… so if I write one article in a month… means that I want Allah’s pleasure only to that extent? Who is the one besides Allah whose pleasure I believe is going to give me the Jannah? Who besides Allah will protect me from fire? Is it any person? Any activity? Any “thing”?

So whenever you give up Allah’s pleasure for any other pleasure just ask yourself this one question: can this take me to Jannat? Can this save me from getting burned in the fire that is blazing so hot?


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