Time to “Get Prepared”

Almost every year when the month of Rajab approaches, I feel a wave of anxiety creeping inside my heart… Ramadan is coming… and what am I going to do? It’s the same worry that envelopes my heart for almost every event of my life which is not part of my everyday routine. Anything different from my normal life… makes my heart tense and fearful…

There could be many complicated reasons for this attitude ranging from weakness of faith or hidden psychological factors which cannot be readily identified nor cured… but there is one simple reason too which can be treated with determined and consistent efforts… and that is “lack of preparation”.

With experience I have found that anxiety and worry sprouts from being ill-organized. When everything is out of place and out of balance then you can hardly achieve any substantial benefit from your life. Sometimes you have a chronic illness or weakness and it is too difficult to put things right and so this disorder becomes a part of your everyday existence… but when you realize that someone important is coming then you don’t want them to see you in that dishevelled state and naturally it will make you anxious. Like if you don’t have a meal ready on time then you cannot expect to become excited or happy to receive any guest… Similarly if your level of Imaan is low and your home environment is not fit for fulfilling the rituals of worship in peace then naturally the heart will not happily welcome any opportunity for greater worship like Ramadan…

Fortunately Allah has given us a remedy for every illness… and the cure for this lack of excitement is to make yourself believe in the power of Allah to change your heart and your situation… he can give you the true desire if you seek it and pray for it… and PREPARE for it.

So this is my goal for Shabaan… to get prepared for Ramadan

How? First of all listen to last year’s lectures on Ramadan in the next few days… (and then listen the lastest stuff shortly before Ramadan) to revise all my inspiration and motivation!!

Next I am going to:

1- Write down my desires… how I would like my Ramadan to be? What I would do if I could? What would be my goals if I had the best faith and energy?

2- Write down what are most probably the achievable goals for me?

3- Write down a plan how to achieve these goals.

4- Visualize how I would like to be when Ramadan begins… the state of my heart? (Have faith in Allah and work hard to achieve it)

5- Also visualize how I would like my house to be… my kitchen… fridge… cupboards… book shelves…(believe and work on it)

Just having written this has raised my belief in Allah’s help… so I am just starting to feel the excitement of how good it is going to feel when I will actually do all that I have thought of doing… InshaAllahJ How can we be hopeless when we have Allah as our guide and helper? May Allah help us to remain focused and save us from the whispers of shaitan and the distraction of our desires… Ameen


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