Save your soul… ask forgiveness

Once Abu Bakr As-Siddeeq (r.a.) asked the Prophet (s.a.w) :

Teach me a dua with which I should call to (Allah) in my salah?

The Prophet(s.a.w) said “Say O my Allah certainly I have done injustice (Zulm) to my soul… a great deal of zulm… and there is no forgiver of sins except you… so forgive me with a forgiveness (specially) from you… and have mercy on me… certainly you are The Most Forgiving, The Most Merciful………….(from Musnad Ahmad bin Hambal)

I have been saying these words ( whenever I used to remember) in the namaz and also otherwise but now reading this Hadith I feel like I have been walking along a stream without thinking where its coming from and suddenly someone takes me back along it and shows me its original source… like gushing out of a mountain… And so my love for this dua has increased instantly and beyond measure!

The second thing is that these were the sahabah (the companions of the Prophet) who knew they were the first of the first believers and doing such great deeds for Allah being in the noblest of the noblest company of the Prophet (s.a.w) getting the certificate of Radhi-Allahu Anhum (Allah has been pleased with them)… and yet they don’t question why should we say “Zulman Kaseeran”? (meaning: a great deal of injustice) what zulm have we done?

The reason why they did not ask this question is that they realized the true status of Allah and so they realized how much he deserved to be worshipped… and so the imperfections of being a human being weighed on their conscience like a mountain…

On the contrary our knowledge and realization of Allah is so weak that we have created a “convenience-based” image of Him in which whatever we do is ok and there are so many tailor-made excuses handy in our pockets, that we have become almost blind to our kaseer zulm that we do on our souls…

May Allah give us back our sight… the sight of our hearts… so that we can also see the truth as the truth and falsehood as false… and REALLY ask forgiveness of Allah… the way we should.


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