اللهم اغفر لي، واهدني، وارزقني، وعافني، أعوذ بالله من ضيق المقام يوم القيامة.
( رواه النسائي وابن ماجه ).

“O Allah! Forgive me and guide me and provide me sustenance and protect me (keep me safe)… I seek refuge in Allah from the “deeq”(tightness, suffocation) of my standing/status/position on the day of Al-Qiyamah. (narrated by An-Nisai and ibn Majah)

This beautiful dua was sent to me by a dearest friend of mine and I was so touched by its words that I wanted to share it with the whole world. Actually if you ponder on its meanings you will see that it covers all our needs of this world and the hereafter.

But the reason why I was so moved was that it made me realize how important it is to visualise the scene of the Qiyamah when will all be standing… waiting for the final judgement…

Each and every person will hardly have enough space for standing… and this physical compactness will be made worse by the tightening and suffocation because of the hot sun… the sweat of sins… and the terrible anguish of waiting and fear of a bad record…

But even while knowing that such a day is about to come… how often during the day do we think of it? If someone were to ask me what were my worries… will the worry of the Akhirah be on top of my list?

Of course this dua is enough proof for the fact that Allah does not stop us or discourage us from seeking provisions and safety of this world but the root of all our ever increasing tensions and depressions arises from the fact that instead of thanking Allah for all that we have and focusing on fulfilling Allah’s rights and people’s rights… we have just become overly protective for our own interests… and so if something goes against our wishes we think like its the end of the world!

Isn’t it so amazing that most of our problems can go away in an instant if we compare them with the akhirah and its trials… and the rest of the problems will also disappear if we immerse our heart and body with thinking planning and WORKING and making duas like this… towards our salvation and protection from Allah’s anger and punishment on that day… InshaAllah…



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