Aqeedah? What’s that got to do with me?

Last time I wrote some basics about the word Aqeedah and its importance in our lives. Well the least I can say about Aqeedah is that it is the very thing on which relies our religion and it is the very foundation on which our lives are built so isn’t it only logical that we know about the quality of our own Aqeedah?

There are two things that we must consider…

1- As a Muslim what is the right Aqeedah that I should have?

2- secondly we should see whether this Aqeedah is strong enough or not… is the knot tight and secure or so lose that it can break apart with the slightest disturbance?

The correct Aqeedah is that there is only one God and that is Allah Subhanahu wa ta’ala. He is alone and has absolutely no partners whatsoever. This Aqeedah is called Tauheed and it has three main components:

1- Only Allah is our Rabb…. meaning that he is the only one who is our Creator Master and Provider of each and everything that we need for our sustenance and survival.

2- Only Allah has the right to be worshipped… there can be no other Ilah… no god… except Him.

3- Only Allah possesses the perfection of all his names and attributes. There is no one like him in any of his supreme qualities.

Simultaneously we must also be fully knowledgeable about the various forms of Shirk… because shirk is something totally opposite to Tauheed. A little bit of shirk can destroy years and years of Ibadah… because Allah refers to shirk as the greatest zulm and an unforgivable sin.

Like Tauheed, shirk also has three main forms:

1- to associate partners with Allah in his quality of being the Rabb… like thinking others beside Allah to be the providers of resources.

2- to associate partners with Allah in his right of worship… like bowing in front of people or graves or making duas to dead people… calling spirits for help.

3- to make partners with Allah in his names and attributes… like giving someone else the title of “listener of duas” or “provider of needs” etc.

This is a topic which has great depth and details which we should understand with full clarity because only then we can cleanse our heart from useless junk of ideas and theories and really make a fresh start by tying our heart strongly and securely with the true faith.

Fortunately the recordings of the lectures are being uploaded on the following link, so do make use of this great opportunity to get the answers to life’s biggest questions:


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