Tie the knot… tightly!

I have been attending a series of lectures based on the concept of Aqeedah and it has opened my heart to a lot of things which I had never thought of before… apart from other things the most important benefit that I derived from this course is that I have at last found the answer to the biggest question of my heart… and that question is: why don’t we act according to our faith? I mean isn’t it so contradictory that on one hand we believe in Allah and yet on a practical level we are far more involved with people and things instead of being involved in His remembrance. On one hand we believe that we can die any moment but we accumulate wealth and property as if we are going to live here forever… on one hand we believe in the hereafter yet we hardly ever work hard to achieve any excellent result in that ultimate judgement. We know that Allah is the master of our destiny and the provider of all things yet we are constantly running after people trying to earn their pleasure for our sustenance and security…

So is there something wrong in our faith? Or are we so dumb that we cannot follow what we know for sure as the ONLY WAY TO SUCCESS? So what is stopping us from obeying Allah and His Prophet (s.a.w)… ?

The reason is that we don’t have the right Aqeedah… or even if it is right, it is not strong enough. The word Aqeedah originates from the word “Aqd” which means to tie a knot. So Aqeedah means to tie a knot so that your faith gets strongly connected to your heart. Faith might be just a thought transferred to your heart through listening to what people said or did, but Aqeedah is a conscious act through which you deliberately commit your heart to your belief… exactly like tying a knot tightly and securely…

So imagine if your heart is tied up to the correct belief then surely it will have to follow the belief to which it has been tied up with… And that will be the end of all contradiction because all the things will go in the same direction… your faith will pull your heart and your heart will pull you to the right actions and consequently your whole life will be directed towards Allah’s pleasure and the success which he has promised… InshaAllahJ


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