Hope and struggle

Yesterday the students of grade-3 told me that had gone with their teachers to see the exhibition on Muslim Heroes, which was held in the lobby at Al-huda… 

I could see the pure delight and wonder on their faces as they described to me the various aspects which had grasped their attention. As it happened, I had half an hour to myself before rushing back home and so I went to see the display. 

I was literally amazed to see the colourful display of all the art work which the students of Taleem-ul-Quran had done to capture the brilliance of our history… but when I saw the most beautiful project depicting the history of Muslim Spain… I was filled with a sadness which words cannot describe… and then I looked at myself and wondered where had my splendour gone? Why is the Muslim of today so life-less and robotic? and then I recalled the Hadith that when you get satisfied with this worldly existence and let go of your deen (by which I understand the one word: STRUGGLE) then Allah will impose on you a “zillat” (worthlessness) which will never go unless you come back to your deen (which is again… STRUGGLE)

And so I looked at myself with open eyes and asked myself this question: am I willing to struggle for Allah?

What is my attitude towards any work that I do for Allah… whether it is teaching at Al huda or even praying five times a day or giving Haq to people and things… Do I do it with hope and energy and optimism and pleasure of pleasing Allah…? or am I already too tired before even trying?

Do I feel blessed for having a true faith and a definite purpose of life…? or am I always complaining about people and the burdens of life?

Do I work towards improving my standards every day… or am I too lazy to even look beyond my limited vision?

Do I work towards excellence… or have I already given up? 

I felt that one of the most motivating factor which is missing from our lives is the hope and conviction that we can become better… although the fact is that improving our situation is not an impossible dream which cannot be fulfilled… rather every new sunrise and every new season is testimony to the fact that Allah has not given up on us yet… so why should we give up on ourselves?

I felt like my heart had come alive with a new hope that we have so many Heroes to be proud of… who not only reaffirm my belief in the perfection of my Allah and His religion… but also remind me to STRUGGLE if I really want to achieve the true spirit of being a Muslim… May Allah always help me to act on this by staying hopeful and pro-active… because hope leads to action… and action is the only thing which reflects who we really are!!


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