True Love…


These are one of the most captivating words of Allah which mean: “Call me, I will answer you”

The first time when I happened to see this image, I felt like Allah himself had made solid shapes of these words and put them on this beautiful background… making me feel so happy and blessed that He loves me and is giving me the simplest and easiest way to get out of all the sadness and anxiety which clouds my heart…

“call me and I will answer you” what else do we need really… This is the most complete and satisfying love which we yearn for…

But in our foolishness and limited vision… we keep calling people and they never listen… or even if they listen they cannot answer… and even if they answer, it’s not the answer that we want…

and so life goes from one ilaah to another until we find the real and true ilaah… the one who listens and answers:):)


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