The power of truth…

BismillahirRahman Ar-Rahim…

Certainly truth leads to righteousness and righteousness leads to Paradise…

These are the beautiful words of our Prophet (s.a.w) recorded in the Book of Hadith called Sahih Baukhari. One of the magnificent qualities given to our Prophet (s.a.w) was that he was able to convey profound wisdom in very few words. Apparently these few words seem to be common knowledge and but when you go deep down and analyse it, you will understand that the application of these words is far from being common…

I am one of those people who have found the way of Islam very attractive and want to follow the example of the pious people and do great things for the sake of Allah but despite all the claims and dreams of leading a purposeful, action-oriented, productive life… I have always had this most disturbing realization in my heart that I am not doing what I had thought I would do for my Allah… But then I would try to console myself that of course Allah knows my situation and all the obstacles of my way so He will forgive me…

But this worry never quite left me… and when I attended a course this summer, which was about the life of our Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu alaihi wa alihi wassallam) I was so ashamed to realize that our Prophet(s.a.w) and His companions had faced years of unimaginable pains and troubles… yet those “problems” had not deterred them from their path at all. There was nothing that could distract them from the true path of success.

So what is wrong with me then? Why couldn’t I be as strong and steadfast? Don’t I believe in the same Allah? Don’t I have the same Quran? Am I not heading towards the same Akhirah? So what am I collecting for that real life that is supposed to be my goal?

And this Hadith of the Prophet (s.a.w) has finally lifted the veil from my heart and has made the truth so clear and visible… that if my faith was true then it would definitely lead me towards consistent goodness. Our beloved Prophet (s.a.w) and His companions were steadfast because their faith was free from doubts. They were convinced in the outcome of the hereafter and so their focus was firmly established on attaining success in that final day of Judgement. That is why they were not at all worried about the judgement of people or their opinions.

And we are totally absorbed by this world and so its success and failure means everything for us. That is why we are ready to give up the path of Akhirah if we face even the tiniest bit of loss or trouble of this world. We have taken up the flag of religion but keep our commitments only when it is convenient. Our behaviour with people is also on the worldly basis. How we behave towards the rich and how we look down on the poor? How we pretend to be so courteous with important people and how that courtesy vanishes into the air when we are talking to our servants or children? If our goodness was truly for the sake of pleasing Allah then it would not be so contradictory…

And so this lack of truth… absence of true conviction… is the disease which is destroying us and does not let our faith grow into the firm and tall tree which was supposed to give shade and fruit to the whole world. And so we must think on it and find out the solutions to heal our hearts… before it is too late.

The following actions can help us get back on the right track…

1- Pray to Allah deeply and sincerely to get rid of the deceptions of hypocrisy… and pray that He might make us true in faith.

2- Practise speaking only what you really think. Get rid of all pretentions and exaggerations.

3- Look good to Allah… stop worrying about people’s opinions…

4- Make Akhirah your true goal and remind yourself several times a day that desires are for paradise.

5- Be true in your prayers by saying each and every word from your heart… not just with your tongue. If you are saying “Allah show me the right way” then let your heart feel the need for the right way… how can you ask someone for something while you are not even aware what you are asking for?

6- Follow the Sunnah of the Prophet (s.a.w) and pray to Allah that he might give you the true love of His Messenger.

7- Arrogance is also based on a false perception that you are better than others… Be Humble…

8- A truthful believer is never interested in false things… so stop taking interest in things which are not true.

9- Develop a firm faith in the promises of Allah by reading the Quran with understanding and contemplation.

10- Always think positively about others… don’t make presumptions because you can never know what they are going through. So stop making false ideas and spreading false opinions.

As we bring our hearts towards the truth and fill it with positive thinking then inshaAllah we will have the power of conviction which will lead us towards a life of consistent obedience to Allah and excellent behaviour with all his creation. May Allah help us to be true to Him and true to ourselves… ameen.


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