Throwing stones at the devil

I got this fantastic message from a friend yesterday in which I learned a very important lesson from the story of Prophet Ibrahim (A.S.) when he was going to sacrifice his son according to the command from Allah Ta’ala; he was stopped on the way by the shaitan who tried to discourage him from obeying Allah’s command and “advised” him to go back but then the angel Jibrael came and told Prophet Ibrahim to throw stones at the devil so he will go away. And this is exactly what he did… the shaitan left him and Ibrahim became even more determined in his mission to please Allah even at the cost of his dearest son’s life.

There are many lessons which can be derived from this story but the most practical lesson which can increase our productivity is that whenever we think of serving Allah’s deen and make plans, the shaitan immediately comes to us and starts putting doubts in our heart… Oh no you can never achieve this dream… you don’t have the skill… you are not physically fit to face such a challenge… what will people say… your home and family will suffer and then Allah will also be not happy with you… so stay where you are and keep doing what you are already doing… isn’t it a great job which you are doing? Look at people they are not even doing such and such so at least you are better than that… and so on and so on…

And we begin to lose hope even before starting!! But then what will happen if we keep sitting back and make no effort to go ahead? We will certainly start going downhill… why? Because faith never stays in one level… if we don’t make any effort to improve it then it will automatically start decreasing even if we don’t notice it…

So how do we fight the devil?

By using the same strategy as Prophet Ibrahim did… pelt the devil with stones…

The stones of determination

The stones of prayer and Allah’s zikr

The stones of hard work

The stones of consistent efforts

The stones of positive thinking

The stones of knowledge

And the stones of sincerity

By using these tools you can get rid of this enemy and become focused on your projects. Throw away the excuses of laziness and weakness and think of how strong and powerful Allah is… He can make you do anything and everything… it’s up to you how much you want and how willing you are to work for itJ


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