Keep spreading the light:)

(Note:  I wrote the following article quite some time ago but am not sure whether I shared this on the blog or not. So I apologize if it is a repetition!! )    

Yesterday I read this Hadith in a book:

Naddar-Allahu-mra’an sami’a minna shai’an…fa-ballaghahu Kama sami’ahu…fa-rubba muballaghin au’a min saami’in (tirmizi)

Ibn Masud (r.a) reported: I heard the Prophet (s.a.w) saying, “May Allah freshen the affairs of the person who hears something from us and conveys it to others exactly as he has heard it (i.e. both the meaning and the words). In fact many a recipient of knowledge understand it better than the one who has heard it.”

And today through a real life incident Allah made me experience some of the lessons of this Hadith in a practical way…A friend of mine had called me a couple of weeks ago and mentioned to me some problems she was facing. So I advised her to read a dua taught by the Prophet (s.a.w) which is also my favourite dua in times of indecisiveness or uncertainty…

Allahumma ahimni rushdi wa a’izni min sharri nafsi…

O Allah inspire in me my wisdom and save me from the evil of my own self.

I explained to her that in our day to day affairs we are always making some decision or the other and there is often so much to do and to take care of that we become unsure whether to do this or that…what is more important and what should be delayed…and so instead of being confused and worried, it is infinitely better that we should ask Allah to help us make the best decision because no one else has the knowledge of the future…

Usually after I speak I don’t remember the details…so when this afternoon she rang me up and said she had just called to say thanks because the dua that I had explained to her had proved to be such a help and gave her so much sukoon as she had not had before…now I was completely blank about which dua I had told her!…and thanks to Allah that she herself read it to me again…it was then that I remembered this very hadith that we should definitely keep spreading the teachings of the Prophet (s.a.w)  because when we convey something from our knowledge to someone we often don’t know the impact it will have on the recipient. Who knows he or she might benefit from that knowledge far more than we ourselves have done so far.

A lot of times I feel so sad at my lack of remembrance, lack of hafizah (good memory) and consequently not being able to practise as much as I know…but through this Hadith I have understood that I can compensate for it by telling others all I know so maybe through their actions I might also be forgiven by Allah…InshaAllah


2 thoughts on “Keep spreading the light:)

  1. Bismillah,
    Assalam o alikum
    This is my personal experience that ayat-kareema is very effective to improve memory. Alhamdulillah, whenever I forget something or misplace anything ,I immediately start reciting this verse in my heart and MashaAllah within minutes that lost item is right there infront of my eyes or whats forgotten is back into my memory.
    I read somewhere that this verse can also be read even if a person/kid is lost somewhere Allah forbid.
    So InshaAllah it may help You .I can understand how frustrating it is to be there in a situation but feel totally blank.
    This verse was read by Hazrat Younas (R.A) when He was swallowed by a giant fish.

    verse is: La illaha illa anta subhanaka innee koontu minnaz-zualeymeen

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