My friend sent me a link to a video… and for a couple of days I just didn’t get time to watch it but finally I did it yesterday evening… without really thinking it to be so important…

Anyway it seemed interesting but before it even started I saw that it was actually the part-2… and I just have to do things from the beginning so I went to the first part… it was quite interesting and I learned a lot of things but as it is I couldn’t really complete it… and had to wait until this evening to get some quiet time to absorb the really captivating speech…

I was totally unprepared for the heart moving experience which unfolded with the second part of this video…

Amaaaaazing…….Astonishing……. eye opening:)

No adjectives in my limited… oh so limited… vocabulary…

I wish I could show this video to all the muslims…. so called muslims… and may be we could all take this oath really and truly that surely there is no God to be worshipped except Allah… and Muhammad, sallallahu alaihi wasallam, is the messenger of Allah.

Today I realized that in order to learn and convey the truth we first need to “feel” and experience it in our own hearts and to feel that, we need love… and lots and lots of love… and we need knowledge and the wisdom to use the knowledge… 

I felt like something hit my heart… or an arrow went right through it… so unexpectedly… and all the burdens of sins washed out from my heart through my eyes….

May Allah reward all these sincere people and All praise and thanks to Allah that in this world of deception and lies and cruelty and harshness… there still exist people who are full of love and mercy and truth and wisdom… I love them all:):)

p.s. here is the link to part-2 but I would recommend watching all three parts to get the real picture…:)

Watch it. Like it. Share it. 



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