Umme Sulaim… keeps me busy:)

When I wrote the last post about the importance of good character based upon the beautiful example of Umme Sulaim, I actually wrote three points at the end which were a kind of follow up on what I had written:

  • Things to do:
  • Learn about Umme Sulaim
  • Practise and follow her qualities one by one
  • Pray to Allah for His help and mercy and forgiveness


I thought to myself that I needed to do all these things more than anybody else because it displeases Allah if we don’t act on what we say… or write!

Thus began my long search on books from which I could find some true information about this splendid woman… who earned the greatest certificate of Allah’s pleasure… and the good news of Paradise from the Prophet Himself… what a success!!

Anyway I finally reached the book which I was looking for. It is titled “Great Women of Islam” By Mahmood Ahmad Ghazanfar.


Besides the Mothers of the believers, the compiler of the book has included the description of those sixteen women who had been given the good News of the Paradise in this world by the Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w). It can be downloaded from the following link

I also came upon a lot of articles written about Umme Sulaim, and most of them were a cut and paste job because there was hardly any difference between one and the other. It made me think that although the information of facts about a person are the same; but surely the way it affects us emotionally and intellectually, would be entirely different for every individual because we are all unique in the way we perceive information and then relate it to our lives.

But surely it takes some effort to think and feel and imagine beyond the repeated words of information and actually travel in our minds back to the time and place where all those incidents took place and watch them with the eyes of our heart… and then come back and have another look at our heart to see what has been the affect of this experience? And finally express it in words… so that we can all see the different angles of thoughts which came to each one of us and together gain that wealth… which is called “insight and wisdom”… because this the wealth which is going to change our characters… otherwise just by reading and repeating and repeating… is not going to benefit our hearts at all

So inshaAllah in my next post I will try and write about how it affected me to read about this glorious personality… till then let us all work on itJ



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