Do I have what it takes…

Today my best friend sent me an email in which she had listed down the characteristics of a fantastic lady named Umme Sulaim who lived in Madinah in the time of the Holy Prophet (s.a.w). Following is the character sketch of this beautiful woman:

  • Had complete faith and trust in Allah
  • Loved the Prophet (s.a.w)
  • Pure/sincere believer
  • An excellent wife
  • A superb mother
  • Extremely focused
  • Immensely intelligent and intellectual
  • Patient
  • Extremely forbearing
  • Amazing power of endurance
  • Full of wisdom
  • Far sighted
  • recognized opportunities of goodness
  • power of timely decisions
  • free from unnecessary emotionalism
  • perpetual struggle and action
  • a never ending quest for good deeds however small
  • enormous sacrifices when required


    As a result she got:

  • Love and Pleasure of Allah and His Messenger
  • Glad tidings of Paradise
  • Blessing and success in her offspring
  • Respect and Honour till the end of time
  • Became an ideal example to follow


    Although this woman lived more than fourteen hundred years ago, but I felt that her goodness of character has kept her alive… so that it seemed as if she came to me in the form of this email to wake me up from my wishful thinking. Not only myself, but I feel like a majority of our Ummah is living in this illusion that we can get success in this life and the hereafter just by wishing and dreaming.

    Although some of us have realized that success is the outcome of hard work but then this “hard work” is mostly confined to some physical activities and the real character of a person is hardly worked upon.

    So we need to give due attention to our own personalities and see whether we possess these qualities? If not then we must work upon them… immediately!

    It is the illusion of the devil, that he makes it seem either unnecessary, or difficult, to change the way we think and behave. But the fact is that it is the most important task of our life and also within our capability to do so. For example we see that the best quality of being an excellent wife is to be pleasant and comforting for your spouse… So is it not possible for us to do so? If we have a bad habit of complaining or losing temper then it can certainly be brought under control by imaging the loss of this world and the hereafter… imagine standing under the burning sun while the “excellent wives” resting under the shade of Allah’s throne. Surely this image will be enough to motivate us towards changing our bad habits. Same goes for all other things. What we need is some incentive and then to take the initiative… and we know that if we take the first step then Allah’s mercy comes down like abundant rain… and life returns to the dead hearts… just like the dead earth is brought back to life by water pouring down from the sky…

    Things to do:

  • Learn about Umme Sulaim
  • Practise and follow her qualities one by one
  • Pray to Allah for His help and mercy and forgiveness



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