To Love Allah…

by – Ibn al-Qayyim Jawziyyah

When I’m alone, I crave company & someone to support me. No one comes to help me except Allah !

When I pretend to be strong infront of the world, nobody sees my weaknesses, nobody sees my tears, except Allah !

When I’m sad and I want a shoulder to cry on, nobody seems to notice my hidden tears or to support me but Allah !

If I do wrong, people will seldom forgive and forget easily. Only Allah, if I just ask Him, forgives me.

Pleasing a human is most dificult. Pleasing Allah is the easiest.

People sometimes punish me for the mistakes I have not done. Allah ignores & excuses the ones that I did.

That’s ALLAH ! The Greatest, The Allmighty, The Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful. 

Subhan Allah!


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