Hajj journal- (part-22)

Visiting the grave of the Prophet (s.a.w) was another unforgettable experience. All the women were made to sit in separate groups according to the region to which they belonged. So I had a chance to sit next to a lady from India. She described her eagerness to visit the Prophet (s.a.w) in such sweet words that I could feel the stirrings of the same emotions inside my own heart. She also told me about her eight year old daughter who had been so eager to come to hajj with her that daily she would parade around some chair or table, chanting loudly the words of Talbiyah: Labbaik Allahumma Labbaik… Here I am O Allah; here I am!! And she told me that till the last moment that sweet little girl was reminding her elder sister who was to accompany the mother… “Keep holding my mother’s hand lest she should trip or fall…”

As I saw her expressions while she was telling me all these lovely details, I thought to myself how beautiful is the feeling of love… and how essential for us to know that someone somewhere cares for us deeply… but we suffer so much sadness in life because of making people the nucleus of our love… and they leave us one way or the other… or sometimes they don’t reciprocate they way we expect them to… and so much of our life is wasted in sadness and tears… Whereas the only love which can truly and everlastingly satisfy us is the love of Allah and His Prophet (s.a.w) and that is why Allah has made it a condition without which even our faith is not complete.

Most of the time we are too busy in other things to feel this love but even when at certain times or places we are reminded of it, we just don’t know how to express it… this proved to be true because as soon as it was our group’s turn to go ahead towards the grave, everybody started running…

I had heard a lot about this strange attitude but I really wasn’t expecting such a mad rush of women as they lost all control over their emotions and displayed the true state of this nation’s ignorance and utter lack of etiquettes. I tried my utmost to focus on the spirituality of that most blessed spot on earth… where I was supposed to feel the closeness of my Beloved Prophet (s.a.w)… but all I could feel was shame… what must be Allah thinking of us? Is this the way to express our love for the Prophet (s.a.w)? To push and shove and trample over others?

Surely we need a big change… but a journey of even a thousand miles begins with only a single step… So the first step is to learn… and then we need to convey to others what we learn… even if we know one ayat…


One thought on “Hajj journal- (part-22)

  1. *love the post*
    Heartily agree that the ultimate refreshing love is of Allah and Our Prophet(s.a.w) which never leave us disappointing. 😀 BUT tests come.
    Secondly, i have been listening this too from my close kins who have been at Qabar of Prophet(s.a.w), ignorance and inclusion of shirk…… if we think about strategy to reform this, it obviously starts with true Ilm of Qur’an and Sunnah!
    As Ustazha mohtarma says:
    “Roshni itni Phelao k Andhera na Rahay”
    May Allah(s.w.t) help us all!

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