Hajj Journal (part-21)

The loving reminder from Allah made me forget all about the pain and swelling of my feet and my attention was immediately focused on making wuzu… How lucky we were that we had entered that blessed city just in time for the Fajr prayer!!

I can never ever forget my first walk to Masjid-e-Nabwi… My heart was full of excitement and wonder… how far is it going to be? What will it be like? The air was so soft and cool… filling my soul with a peace and tranquillity which I had never known before… The streets were so clean and the whole environment felt so friendly and loving… as if I belonged to it… deeply and completely.

And just a few minutes later I was actually entering that beautiful Masjid… which had been a part of my dreams ever since I learned about my Prophet (s.a.w)… But the actual experience of seeing it was totally astonishing… the floor seemed like an endless ocean of polished glass… how clean and shining it was… what a pleasure to walk in such a wide open space… on and on towards the far end which was reserved for the women… what a pleasant surprise! Maybe other people already knew about these things; but as for me, I am not very fond of collecting information beforehand because I don’t want to spoil the feeling of surprise and wonder… I love to feel things as they unfold bit by bit… that is why all these sights and views were totally mesmerizing for me!

Just then the words of the Azaan filled the air all around us… Allahu Akbar!! Allahu Akbar!! (Allah is the Greatest… Allah is the greatest). What a wonderful relief it is to admit our humble reality… how relaxing it is to prostrate before the Almighty Allah and to admit “ONLY you are perfect OUR LORD…” And what better place to worship Allah than these blessed mosques… no wonder Allah has put so much reward for praying in Ka’ba and Masjid-e-Nabwi.

I thought to myself what must have been the condition of the people praying right behind the Prophet (s.a.w) himself? How close they must have been to the reality of Allah’s greatness and the coming of the hereafter… How blessed they must have been to have among them the most perfect role model… Can there be a more precious gift from Allah than the companionship of the most Beloved Prophet (s.a.w) day after day?

On one hand I was on the verge of a deep sadness of being so far from those perfect people but then I reminded myself of Allah’s supreme blessing on me that despite all my sins and all my flaws, He had brought me there and so I could at least feel with my heart, all that I wished to experience… Allah had brought me to the same place where the perfection of Allah’s Prophet (s.a.w) and the excellence of his faithful companions was demonstrated in a most profound way; and standing so close to that same Prophet’s grave, I could at least ask Allah to grant me some of that goodness… to bless me with even the tiniest portion of that splendid character… to at least give me the will to become a better person… and most of all to give me the true love of my Prophet (s.a.w) so that I may follow him in each and every step of my life… For surely there can be no other way of meeting him except by taking the same direction which he took… by travelling the same road on which he went…


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