Hajj journal (part-20)

As a child I used to love long drives; but then as I grew older and entered the realm of practical life, I started avoiding travelling because of too much stress maybe…

Anyway that beautiful night… the most fortunate night of my life… I felt like the child inside me was waking up from its forced slumber… because I could feel the excitement, the totally carefree joy and relaxed enjoyment of a child who does not know any care in the world! All the regrets of the past and the fears of the future melted away from my mind and all that remained was that one feeling… I am on my way to Madinah… the city of my Prophet (s.a.w).

Now that I look back to that beautiful peaceful night, it seems to me like I was almost expecting it to be my permanent destination… as if I will never ever go away anywhere again…

On and on the road went, so smooth that I felt like I was flying… someone put the tape on and the beautiful words of Surah Al-Baqarah began to fill the air… My heart was so tranquil… so peaceful… that I began to wonder: is it truly happening or am I in paradise?

But of course I was jolted back into reality time and time again… sometime the bus would stop at some roadside hotel… people would noisily get out to fulfil their needs. Then would climb back and noisily start complaining about the lack of facilities etc. How can they even think of these petty things on such a night? I mean I was also feeling the tiredness of sitting in a cramped space and other such things but did it really matter enough to be the topic of our conversation…?

We reached Madinah at dawn… someone started reading durood (sending prayers and blessings on the Prophet…s.a.w) and I truly began to feel a new life in the same words which we have been uttering all our lives…

At last the bus came to a stop in front of our hotel. When I got out, I was surprised to feel a sharp pain in my feet… I looked down to find that they were swollen like drums!! Oh Allah… how will I walk now? Anyway I dragged myself inside the hotel and as we were waiting at the reception for the keys of our room… I began to feel physically stressed and exhausted, as if I had walked all the way from Makkah… And just then my eyes found the message from Allah… written bright and clear in the form of a large display of calligraphy… the verse from Surah Al-Inshirah:

Fa Inna Ma’al ‘Usri Yusra… then indeed with hardship is ease! (94:5)

As always my heart lit up with joy at finding Allah words speaking directly to me… reminding me of the same lesson which I had learned at the start of my journey… the lesson of Hijrah...

Surely to migrate from one place to another… from one lifestyle to another… from one set of people to another… from one attitude to another… is never easy… it has to be difficult because it is a test. But with pain comes relief… with difficulty comes ease. Because Allah loves those who make sacrifices for His sake… and so He takes special care of them!


2 thoughts on “Hajj journal (part-20)

  1. MashaAllah u really have been Blessed with a skill to feel and express so beautifully. May Allah Bless u each Moment. Aameen

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