Hajj Journal (part-14)

When I had gone to bed at 3:30 am I had been somewhat anxious about not being able to wake for Fajr but again I experienced the miracle of Allah’s love and energy flowing in my body which was refreshed and ready to pray even with such little time to rest…

Everyone in our tent was wide awake and after praying and reciting the Quran, we shared our stories of the previous day… we were all so happy at the completion of our Hajj but everybody realized that its acceptance depended only on Allah’s mercy and forgiveness… because none of us could claim to have made no mistakes. We were all human beings and prone to error and forgetfulness but this realization added even more to the love and gratitude that we felt for our Allah who is such a generous Lord that He accepts our sincere efforts and also accepts our heartfelt repentance, no matter how many times we slip…

And then I understood why we are recommended to return back to Mina after completing the rituals of Hajj and spend a couple of days there. Apparently there seems to be no point to it… specially after doing that long journey of Mina to Makkah plus the Tawaaf and Sa’ee, one would expect to spend the night in Makkah… but no! You have to move back directly after doing all these rituals, no matter how tired or worn out you might be… why? The reason is that completion of Hajj is such a mighty spiritual experience that Allah does not want us to lose its effect in the luxurious surroundings of city life. Therefore to strengthen and nurture our new found spirituality, we are made to stay in that camp where we have no other distraction at all… and the only thing to do is to eat and drink the simple food and remember Allah’s great favours on us… specially the favour of Hajj…

And so it is not just a word but the true feeling of the heart and soul when we say again and again… Allahu AkbarAllahu Akbar…Allah is the greatest, Allah is the greatest 🙂

I remember that it was in that short stay of Mina that I wrote my most heartfelt feelings in my diary which I had been carrying along all the way. I also discussed a few things with my companions and shared with them the awesome experience of learning Quran and Hadith. They were very keen to learn too so I told them how they could do these courses even at home.

Surely Islam is not just a set of rituals but a way of life which encompasses our whole existence. But this fact is only understood when we learn it in the words of Allah and His Prophet (s.a.w) May Allah guide us all to discover and benefit from this treasure of knowledge and wisdom… ameen.


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