Hajj journal (part-13)

As we moved towards the other side of the Masjid to do the “Sa’ee” I could feel the delicious waves of relief and happiness flowing from my heart to the whole body… because of having gone through the most awesome experience of Tawaaf with so much ease and tranquillity… Logically I should have been too exhausted to even take a single step but through some miraculous way, I felt like I could even run if I wanted to!! Thus we started moving step by step through the long course between “Safa” and “Marwa“. There were thousands of people walking on that path, yet I did not feel suffocated… my heart and soul were at peace and totally absorbed in talking to Allah. I felt like this was my last chance to say to Him everything and get rid of the burden of all the scattered thoughts, desires, fears which were so deeply rooted within my soul that I could not deal with them on my own. And then there was the long list of “duas” which my friends and relatives had given me… Plus my own duas and the long, long list of cherished dreams, ideas and aspirations which I could only share with Allah; the ONLY ONE who could understand and the ONLY ONE who had the power to turn them into reality.

Previously I used to think of how difficult and monotonous it must be in “Sa’ee” to walk all the way from one point to the other and then back… Not so in Tawaaf because after all it is so different, with Ka’ba being the centre of attraction… but what would be the source of passion in “Sa’ee”?

But on that memorable night I understood that when you are walking, walking, walking… straight ahead without any corners… without any other thing to attract your attention… then it is your time with Allah in which there is so much to share that there is hardly any perception of the passage of time or distance.

Thus we completed this ritual in no time at all… and as we came out of the masjid and sat down to wait for our friends who had accompanied us from Mina; I felt like I had just come back from another world… tired but happy…

It was past midnight when we finally started on our journey back to our camp in Mina. We went in a taxi but it dropped us midway… because it couldn’t go beyond a certain point. Well normally I get very anxious and annoyed at such disappointments but that day I felt like the real “me” had come to life and this “me” was willing to take on any challenge whatsoever… So I thought of this “difficulty” as an opportunity… after all when will I ever again get a chance to walk at 2 a.m. on the roads of Makkah?!! And so I cherished each step of the way, which took us through a tunnel, then over a bridge, and finally into our camp…

I had thought that I would be dying to sleep after the 12 hour long adventure but my heart was wide awake because of the extreme pleasure and relief of having completed the Hajj… as if I had found a treasure which I had never expected!! I wished to hold that moment forever but this being the temporary world, nothing is permanent except change… and so I went into a deep sleep and time moved on…


2 thoughts on “Hajj journal (part-13)

  1. Assalam o alaikum!

    Wow. You make me feel like I’m actually there experiencing all that in real! Alhamdolillah.

    I stumbled upon your blog a couple days back and I’ve almost read the whole of your blog from the very beginning. I love the way you write. May Allah reward you for doing such a wonderful work. Each and every word you write is so thought provoking, it made me think about so many important things I never bothered to think about before. I wish I could write like you. I wasn’t really into writing until I read your blog, but now I want to become a writer right away! but I know it takes time, lots of practice and dedication to develop writing skills!

    Any tips on how you managed to develop and enhance your writing skills?

    Jazak Allahu Khairan

    • Wa Alaikum Assalam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu!
      I am so glad and grateful to Allah Ta’ala for making you feel so deeply about the things I write. You see this is the whole idea behind this blog; to make people think about the most important objective of their life. Because once this fact is established in a person’s mind that he or she is here in this world for a purpose, then all other details of life fall into place.
      As far as my “writing skills” are concerned, I really don’t think I have any! Its just that when I learned the Quran in a systematic way… with the correct meanings and all… I felt like Allah Ta’ala had given me such a treasure of awareness which I have to share with the whole world. And thus the inspiration of Quran was the guiding force which made me write.
      I have also been a regular book-reader throughout my life, so maybe that also helps a lot when it comes to expressing ideas. But the basic thing you need is to be truthful and natural… plus do it sincerely for Allah and rely on His power to put effect into your efforts.
      I wish you all the best. May Allah give you the true guidance which will fill your heart and soul with peace and happiness and radiance of Allah’s love… inshaAllah

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