Hajj journal- (part-11)

The next morning we went back to our camp in Mina. Even though we had been gone for only one day and night, yet it seemed like ages had passed in that one cycle of time… Because of the extraordinary journey which my heart and body had been through. Anyway I felt my heart to be completely humble and subdued… because finally it had “seen” the infinite Majesty of Allah and recognized its own status as Allah’s humble slave. Quietly I settled back on my small mattress which seemed like a royal bed as compared to the mat of the night before! All around me people were chatting merrily among themselves and on cell phones with their families back home… and I realized that today was Eid… the day of joy and gratitude… of praising and thanking Allah for all His favours…

In the afternoon we went off to do “Rami” which is to throw stones at the pillars called “Jamraat” which symbolise the devil. This was one ritual which I had dreaded because I had heard many horrifying tales of stampedes due to the large number of disorientated crowds. But I had been assured that things had been improved and so it was quite safe now… still I was a bit apprehensive but when we reached there the spaciousness of the bridge and the cool breeze removed all the worry from my heart. Thus we moved towards the wall encircling the pillar and as we were about to throw our small pebbles towards it, I heard an awful sound behind me… like thunder… and when I looked back I saw hundreds of people running forward, shouting slogans against the devil as if they were entering a battle with the devil himself… Hurriedly we completed our ritual and got out of the way before being drowned by the ocean of people. As we reached safely to the side of the bridge, I heaved a sigh of relief and thought who was going to teach these people? Do they really think they are going to destroy the devil? Can’t they see that they are only putting their own lives in danger with such wild behaviour? Once again I felt the burden of responsibility which we have forgotten… the responsibility of learning about our religion and teaching it to others… because if we don’t do our job then we are going to face the consequences too…

With these thoughts in my mind I followed my group who were now headed to Makkah to do the “Tawaf” and “Sa’ee” which would complete our Hajj. Now again this was something which I had been afraid of… the long walk… and the immeasurable crowds… both seemed like impossible things to endure but then I assured myself that we were doing it for Allah so surely He would help us…

The first help came in the form of a soft, cool breeze which gave me all the refreshment I needed. And secondly when I thought of seeing the Ka’ba again, I felt a new hope and happiness filling my heart, making it a pleasure to walk for the sake of Allah.

And so it seemed like within no time at all we had reached our destination. The sight of the beautiful Masjid made me feel like I had come back home! And so with extreme pleasure and relief I sat down to enjoy the delightful water of ZamZam which not only quenched my thirst but also seemed to wash away all the tiredness and exhaustion… indeed it is a miracle that can only be understood when you experience it…

Just then the air was filled with the sound of the most beautiful Azaan… As I stood to pray, I thought to myself that I had got the best gift from Allah… being right in time for the Maghrib prayer!

After that we went to our Hotel to freshen up before going for the Tawaaf. Again it felt like I was entering that room after a lifetime, although just two days had gone by… How far I had gone? And for how long? Maybe we just count time by the physical motion of the clocks but our souls travel in a different time zone and cover distances which we don’t even know….


2 thoughts on “Hajj journal- (part-11)

  1. i have been reading all ur articles regarding HAJJ so far and it has been really inspirational……. (farida here)

    • Dear Sister, it is so heartening to know that you have been following up on my journal. May Allah bless you… ameen

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