Hajj journal- part 7

(Continued from the previous post)

We had entered Makkah on the night of 3rd Nov and after spending ten most profound days of my life in this glorious city we started off to Mina… the real Hajj journey had finally begun!

It was the night of 7th Zilhajj when we boarded the bus that would be taking us to our first destination i.e. Mina. I felt like an excited child going on some unknown adventure! Countless memories flooded my mind… I was reminded of all the instances where I had envisioned about this journey which had always seemed like a dream and which was now to become a reality with the will of Allah…

Carrying a small case with the fewest possible necessities, I realized that we really need so little for our sustenance… so why do we keep collecting so much stuff? And then I remembered that according to a Hadith of our Prophet this was how we were supposed to live our whole lives… like a stranger or a traveller on his way… why? Because our purpose is not to accumulate material objects but to worship Allah… And also because the more things we have the more we have to take care of them and the more occupied and distracted we become… too busy to learn Quran or Hadith, too busy to think about its implementation, too busy to prepare for our ultimate journey towards Allah…

It was a little past midnight when we entered our tent in Mina… it was fairly clean and tidy with cotton mattresses lined up on both sides. Putting aside my bag and trying to fit on to the narrow mattress, I thought to myself “How am I going to sleep with so many ladies crowded together… and my back is really going to hurt…” but my thread of thought was interrupted by the sound of wheezing… I looked to my side as the lady next to me started having a fit of coughing… breathlessly she whispered “sorry for the disturbance but I have asthma…” Immediately I searched through my bag for some soothing lozenges. Luckily I found one and gave it to her. It seemed to give her some comfort. I asked her if she would allow me to do “dum” on her? She said please do it and so I read all the duas of healing which I could remember and blew on her. She was immensely relieved and was asleep in an instantJ

This incident gave me so much satisfaction that I forgot where I was and was soon drifting away to sleep…

How crystal clear are the lessons from Allah but alas we spend so many years of our life not realizing the truth and running after illusions. We think that comfort can be found in creating a world of luxuries around ourselves. Whereas the truth is that comfort is found in removing the pain of some other human being. Happiness in found not in fulfilling our own desires, rather by making others happy. This is how we connect to one another and create life long bonds of love and friendship. But when we are focused only on our own selves then the result is restlessness and loneliness despite having all the treasures which we collect…

(More to follow soon inshaAllah)


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