Hajj journal- part 5

(Continued from the previous article)

Before going to Hajj my biggest worry was that my health was not very good. Even if I had to face a slight change in my routine, some extra work or travelling, it would result in considerable body aches and sometimes it would be followed by fever. And Hajj is no less than a Jihad... so how was I going to bear all the discomforts of this journey? How would I complete my rituals which included a lot of walking? People used to comfort me by saying that when you will be in the way of Allah all your diseases will disappear… but “how”?

The answer became obvious to me when I was doing my Umrah… how was I moving along even though I had been so ill the night before? Where did my headache go? I realized that there was something really miraculous in the water of ZamZam… as soon as we drink it our whole system gets refreshed. Also the other factor is to be free from all worries of the world which otherwise envelop us so much that our hearts are never really free from this sickness of anxiety and stress. Therefore our bodies are also burdened by the weight of our souls. Being in Makkah, going to the blessed mosque time after time, soaking in the sight of the glorious Kaaba… all this spirituality serves as tonic for the soul and consequently the physical ailments begin to fade away.

Thus I learned that even in our day to day existence we can cover a lot of obstacles like illnesses and bad moods, by making Allah’s worship our top most priority and concern. The rest of the things have to be worked at but we shouldn’t get emotionally involved with petty issues. The more we keep our heart involved with Allah’s remembrance the stronger it will become…

The other secret of being fresh and strong in Makkah was of following a balanced schedule. We used to sleep right after Isha and were able to wake up well in time for Tahajjud without any laziness. Maybe the thrill of visiting Kaaba was the real driving force, or maybe the thought of watching the dark sky and reciting the last verses of Al-e-Imran on the roof top of the masjid was the pulling force which made me so eager to leave the bed… but I really think that if I could pick one thing from that journey which I loved the most, it would definitely be the pleasure, enjoyment and thrill of getting up to go to Masjid in the middle of the night…

Watching the night turn into day is always a breathtaking experience but witnessing this miracle from the top of the Masjid-ul-Haram fills the heart with a sweetness which cannot be described in words. It literally filled me with a new life every single day…

Going back to the hotel after Ishraq we would have our breakfast. How good the food tastes after the spirit has received its nourishment!! After that we would rest for a couple of hours and then wake up to prepare for Zuhr. After Zuhr, back to the hotel for lunch and then back to the masjid for Asr. Often we used to stay in the Masjid till Isha. Instead of being tired or bored by this activity day after day, I was always filled with thrill and excitement like going for one adventure after the other.

Here when an average woman goes out she has to bother so much with which dress to wear and how to do the hair. And then what about the shoes and bag… do they match with the dress or not… which jewellery to wear and then the make up… but there, in that out-of-the-world place all you need is a scarf to cover your hair and a gown to cover your dress, a sturdy pair of slippers and a bag to hold your dua books, some dates and a water bottle, not to forget a pouch for your shoes when you take them off at the Masjid… that’s all the preparation you need as far as your appearance goes…

And then you learn the great lesson of Hajj when you realize that the real preparation is of the heart… does it have any knowledge of where it has arrived? What are the requirements of this place? Do we only concern ourselves with the rituals or do we also have any awareness of the spirit behind them? Have I forgiven the mistakes of others or is my heart polluted with hatred and grudges? Am I still trapped in my desires or is my heart attached to Allah and the hereafter? because this is what really counts…


(More to follow soon InshaAllah)


2 thoughts on “Hajj journal- part 5

  1. Mashallah your writing is just inspiring. You describe it so beatufully. I also like what said about hajj and the descriptive text used, it actally gives me an insight of how hajj really is. I was wondering, are you a convert?

  2. JazakAllah khairan for your comment. I feel great to know that my articles have been beneficial for you. Your question at the end was so cute and I am glad you asked!! The fact is that Alhamdulillah I am a born muslim but I really understood my religion after studying the Quran and it really changed the course of my life. You can read the details by clicking on “my story”.

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