Hajj journal- part 4

(Continued from the previous article)

My Sa’ee (the walk between the hills of Safa and Marwa) was also an unforgettable experience. Contrary to my expectations there were very few people around at that time of the day and so I had all the space to myself to talk my heart out with Allah. My feet were so swollen and full of blisters by that time that I was just moving at a snail’s pace but I was in no hurry anyway! This is the greatest luxury of being on that journey that you don’t have to worry about any other thing… worshipping Allah is the only objective and you have all the time in the world to spend with Allah alone…

And so walking step by step I poured out to Allah all the thoughts of my heart… all my worries, my fears and anxieties and also my dreams and goals of my life. I asked His forgiveness for all the faults of my past and begged for His help to stay away from sins. Mostly I asked Him to give me true faith and steadfastness … which seems to me the most precious blessing of life.

How great is Allah for giving us these fantastic opportunities of self analysis in that blessed place. In that Masjid He seemed to be so close to me as if listening to my words even before I had uttered them. And the feelings of gratitude poured down my eyes in a flood of tears which seemed to wash away all the rust from my heart, making it clean and fresh and strong!

I had heard that Sa’ee was very long and difficult but Allah made it quite easy for me. And so I learned another important lesson from this experience that just like this long walk became possible for me despite the blisters of my feet; in the same way, even if our lives are full of problems, we can still be at peace, if our hearts are attached to Allah.


(More to follow soon InshaAllah)


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