Hajj Journal- part 3

(Continued from the previous article)

I was so mesmerised that I felt rooted to the spot from where I was looking at the Kaaba… I felt like I had reached my destination on this earth. I thought to myself that if reaching a destination could be such a heart moving experience then what will be the joy of the victorious souls who will reach the Paradise… but is my life going to lead me to that end? Am I on that path?

With these thoughts in my mind, I started doing Tawaaf... the ground floor was too crowded so we moved up to the first floor. For so many years I had waited for this moment and would often visualize going round and round the Kaaba. I had imagined it to be such a great emotional act of adoration for Allah… but now moving on that wide veranda I felt lost… not being able to see the Kaaba, just following people and trying to find gaps to move forward… For the first couple of rounds I just couldn’t understand what I was doing, and why? But then I took a break, drank the pure water of ZamZam and went to the railing to look at the beautiful Kaaba… my heart was instantly cheered by its sight and I resumed my Tawaaf… with a new faith and energy, because I had just understood that although we move around Kaaba but our actual circulation is around Allah. Through this act of Tawaaf I should learn to keep my heart in a state of constant Zikr, my thoughts constantly revolving around Allah. And just like these bodies bumping into me give me a momentary shock and put me in a temporary state of anxiety and stress, giving the shaitan an opportunity to distract me from my real objective, similarly the problems of life come and go from all directions making me forget Allah for a while. But we can train ourselves not to be negatively affected by people by thinking of them as an extension of our own selves, a part of the same Ummah, and so create a space for everyone in our hearts as well as the floor on which we tread… on and on… round and round… with Allah as the centre of our love and adoration… the nucleus of our lives… the ultimate objective of all our efforts.

So this I think was my most important lesson of Hajj… because it taught me how to give rights to people while keeping my focus only on AllahJ


(More to follow soon InshaAllah)


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