Respect of a believer…

I was listening to a lecture on Muharram and the scholar was emphasizing on the fact that Muharram reminds us of respecting the honour of our fellow Muslims. Then she narrated a Hadith of our Prophet (s.a.w) which stated that the honour of a Muslim is greater than the honour of the Ka’ba.

The fact is that I had never heard it before and so felt really really struck… as if by lightening… my heart seemed to just stop as I thought of kaaba and felt the love that seemed to fill my heart and the awe and reverence that we all have for it and yet we are so so so ignorant of the true worth of a human being… we torment and make life miserable for our most near ones… the weak ones… and we back bite and spread bad opinions for the ones who are too strong for us to speak out in front of them… why are we like this? Because we never realize that Allah is not going to accept any good deeds except that we fulfill the rights of people…

How ignorant we are that we think that rights of family are just that I cook and clean for them? How do I talk to them when they irritate me? How do I talk about them to my friends? Do I save their honour? This is something we never ever give importance to… and it’s the same thing which has soured our relationships. When we are yelling to our kids because of some mistake they might have made we never think that his mistake doesn’t earn him an insult… on no account can we attack the self respect of any individual.

If it sounds impractical then just for a moment we can remind ourselves of any incident where someone insulted us… how did that feel? Could any amount of compensation wipe that out of our memory? Can any amount of happiness erase the wounds of the heart created by unkind words or degrading attitude?

So I just pray to Allah to never let us be off guard… May He always help us to remember that the honour of a momin is greater than the honour of the Kaaba… ameen


3 thoughts on “Respect of a believer…

  1. Assalamualaikum,

    Thank u so much for sharing such a valuable knowledge.I think the basic reason for the downfall of our society is that we lack positive atttitude, And so we do not give respect to our fellow muslims , instead we blame the fate for our failures.
    May allah guide the whole Muslim ummah to understand the honour of a muslim.

    • You are absolutely right and since Allah has blessed you with this understanding, now it becomes even more of your responsibility to convey this message to others. Not just by forwarding articles but also by your behaviour. It has become so common today that we make fun of people behind their back and even taunt them face to face. Is this the only way of entertainment? but you will see teenagers, adults all enjoying this act. So we must change the course of such conversations and in subtle ways communicate to them that its a very dangerous thing to violate the honour of others.
      May Allah give you the courage and faith to follow the right way always… ameen

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