do we really need love?

In urdu we use one word “muhabbat”
in english we have a word “love” and another one called “infatuation” then there is intense admiration or crazy adoration.
As far as I understand there is a need in us for different kinds of love just as there is a need for diferent kinds of food. We must seek a balanced diet… in both things because one feeds the body and the other one feeds the soul.
The child needs a mother to love him
then the love of father who makes him strong
then love of siblings
then as he grows he learns to love different activities
and when he is an adult he needs to be loved and cherished by his or her spouse
in all these loves there is no harm but like “junk food” there is a kind of love which neither gives nutrition nor satiates the hunger… and this is the secret love of a secret friendship
This is the disease from which we should all be careful
and also dangerous is the love of wealth
love of status and power
But the root of all these “harmful” loves is the love of “self”


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