Review of chapter-111

Surah Al-Lahab

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ

In the last surah, Allah showed us how His help can bring the most glorious success to the believers who remain determined and steadfast on their faith. On the other hand, if someone shows hostility and enmity towards Allah and His Messenger, then Allah’s punishment is also very great.

Prophet (s.a.w)’s uncle, Abu Lahab, was one such person who spared no effort to destroy the mission of the Prophet (s.a.w) but in the end he himself met the most disgusting defeat… The fact is that when people go against Islam and torture the believers they think they are waging a war against people… not realizing that they are coming up against the most powerful being… the All-Mighty Allah…

تَبَّتْ يَدَا أَبِي لَهَبٍ وَتَبَّ {1}

May the hands of Abu Lahab be ruined… and ruined is he!

Imagine what a great dislike Allah had for Abu Lahab that He has recorded these words full of anger and punishment for all times to come. It means that this warning is not just for one person but it is for all those people who think they are being very clever by spreading hatred and mistrust against Allah or His Prophet or His religion. Do they think that their wealth and power will save them? Well they can see what good it did to Abu Lahab…

مَا أَغْنَىٰ عَنْهُ مَالُهُ وَمَا كَسَبَ {2}

His wealth and whatever he earned did not avail him anything.

Allah made the most beautiful paradise for His obedient believers… but for the enemies there can be no other place but fire…

سَيَصْلَىٰ نَارًا ذَاتَ لَهَبٍ {3}

Soon he shall be burnt in a flaming fire (a pun on the meaning of Abu Lahab, “father of flames“)

The wife of Abu Lahab was also an active participant in his hostile activities. She would put garbage and thorny bushes on the entrance of the Prophet’s house… and vowed that she would sell her necklace in the cause of putting an end to Islam… Allah declares His punishment for her as well as all such supporters of disbelief:

وَامْرَأَتُهُ حَمَّالَةَ الْحَطَبِ {4}
فِي جِيدِهَا حَبْلٌ مِنْ مَسَدٍ {5}

And his wife, the carrier of crackling fire wood, shall have a rope of palm-leaf fibre around her neck

This surah seems to be Allah’s announcement… loud and clear… that just as He is so forgiving and merciful to His faithful believers, similarly His anger and punishment for the arrogant enemies of Islam is also great. So we should fear His wrath as much as we hope for His forgiveness. May Allah save us from the deceptions of this world…ameen.


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