Does it work?

The following message was forwarded to me by my aunt followed by a small but significant question at the end: “does it work?”

And so I conveyed to her whatever I have learned from the Quran and Hadith.

I hope and pray to Allah that it might be beneficial in clarifying the questions which most people have when they get mails like this.


Aayat-e-Karima Sawa Lakh x125, 000 cascade has been started by someone on the net…. 




for peace in Pakistan .

Just read ONCE and forward it and please DONT stop.

This is a most commonly recited ayat of Quran. Actually this ayat was the dua of a prophet named “younus” who was swallowed by a fish… and Allah saved him even from that impossible situation. In the Quran Allah has assured us that any person who does serious “taubah” to Allah… i.e. admits his mistakes and asks for forgiveness, Allah accepts it and makes all his difficulties go away. But this promise is not for just the utterance of words… rather it must be accompanied by sincerity and a will to become a better person.

The recitation of any ayat of Quran has to involve three things:

1- mind

2- heart

3- tongue

The mind should UNDERSTAND what is being read

the heart should FEEL the impact of the words

and then the tongue should express both the understanding and the feeling

If it is done like this then certainly Allah’s words have the power to change us from within so that we can become better individuals. Peace in Pakistan or any other country for that matter cannot come through any short cuts… for this we need to recognize our mistakes and then make a serious effort to put things right.

For example this specific ayat means:

No one has the right to be worshipped except you (O Allah)

you are perfect

indeed I am of the wrong doers

We read it like a parrot sawa lakh times but not even once does the heart feel any remorse for our ignorance or selfishness and all the other flaws that we have as a nation…

and if each one of us thinks of himself as perfect then who will even want to change?

And if we don’t change our ways then how can there be any change in our circumstances?

Allah says in the Quran that He will not change the situation of any nation until they change themselves. In other words God helps those who help themselves!!

Forward this if you think it makes any sense:)


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