One step at a time…

Alhamdulillah dawra-e-Quran has been a most beneficial experience for me this Ramadan. Yesterday I did the 22nd juz and was especially moved by the comments of a student who had shared her feelings while she contemplated on nature and derived lessons from the signs of Allah.

It reminded me of something interesting I had observed this past spring…

I love trees and among my favourites are the Poplars… which always make me feel very good and optimistic. They are tall and straight and their leaves are connected to the stems in such a way that even a slight movement of the air makes them flutter and shine in the sun… like happy faces of children playing, and laughing…

So I was specially looking forward to their blossoms… But when the leaves started coming out I was dismayed to see that all the branches were empty except a few scattered leaves on top and some on the bottom. And then these leaves started to grow bigger wile the rest of the branches remained barren… I felt so sorry for the poor trees… maybe they had some disease or something… how strange they looked with isolated tufts of leaves while the other trees around them were in full bloom.

But then after a few days I noticed that small buds were appearing on the empty branches and more leaves began to emerge… still not in a regular way like the other trees but slowly and gradually the empty patches were replaced with beautiful glossy leaves.

The lesson I learnt from their rebirth, is that human beings cannot grow in all spheres of life simultaneously. Some things are easy for us to do and others seem almost impossible. So instead of crying for what we lack, we should try to excel in the qualities which we do have and inshaAllah the energy we will derive from using these talents for Allah will in turn become a motivating force to bring to life the “sleeping” portions of our personality… inshaAllahJ


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