Some tips for self-motivation

A page from my diary

(20th Ramadan 1431)

From tonight inshaAllah the last ten nights of Ramadan will begin and I feel like it is an amazing gift from Allah Ta’ala… so I must make use of this blessed opportunity to attain Allah’s forgiveness for all my past sins and to purify my heart from all negative stuff so that I may act on the knowledge which Allah has blessed me through Quran and spread it to as many people as I can inshaAllah.

To achieve this goal I need to be on an extra HIGH ALERT mode. Not to waste even a single moment in any unimportant thought, speech or action. Because every moment of this precious time period is like a gem which has been given to me to buy the best possible deeds. Why should I let it go waste for the sake of petty desires and worthless activities…??

But then just wanting something is not enough… rather I have to prove it by my efforts of self control and discipline. This cannot just happen with a magic wand. So I need to take some practical steps towards it:

  1. Pray two nafl and make a strong intention to make the best use of these special nights. Talk to Allah and share with Him all that you want to achieve and ask His help… not half heartedly but like a dying person hoping to get ten more days to save himself from hell fire.
  2. Remind yourself that if you were really about to die then you will never get what you have got now… “time”… so do not be casual about this treasure.
  3. Next make some reminders… (take out those unused cards and chart papers)
  4. On one card list down all the duas… it seems like you know what you want so why should you write them… but it is a fact that writing opens the heart and even those thoughts will come out on the paper which are hidden in the subconscious mind.
  5. One card can be used to list down all the portions of the Quran which you have memorized so far. These can be then revised and read in the nafl prayers. Listing them down will give motivation to add them too… so you can use some time each night to memorize some new verses.
  6. Keep one card empty and record any mistakes which you might make… pray it remains as empty as possible!!
  7. Finally take ten more cards and plan how much time you will reserve each night for extra worship. Divide that time into specific slots for nafls, recitation, duas, tasbeeh etc
  8. Keep all these cards in a folder which you should keep near at hand like a compass to check your direction from time to time. Life is full of distractions so beware of drifting into unnecessary things.
  9. After this preparation, again make dua to Allah for help and guidance because ONLY ALLAH can make dreams come trueJ
  10. The last thing is to share these tips with others because Allah’s help comes to those who want goodness for others as much as they want it for their own selves.

May Allah be with us all and save us from getting lost in the waves of time… ameen.


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